The rewards of long term loyalty

What can we say about Poundland? Well, for one thing, we fully understand their internal hashtag #proudland because we feel it too. Having worked with this ever-growing, ever-innovating, ever-learning brand for almost a decade, we are thrilled by the strong relationships we have with them. We’re also super-proud of how our collaborations have become more and more creative over the years, as we’ve worked together to make the annual conference the highlight of the retail calendar.

Each year, the event objectives grow, whether it’s about finding a really interesting venue, designing an even more spectacular event environment, raising the technical spec, or getting creative with the content and key messaging. Working in close collaboration with clients we are genuinely proud to stand beside them on event day and admire all our collective hard work.
This is where the real joy is!

Cross-function contribution

Every department in M&P contributes to the success of the Poundland Annual Conference. Each year, our fantastic Design team works with the event brief to create an event theme, visual identity, and creative treatment that runs through every element of the event, from pre-event comms and invitations, through the environment, the presentation content including video, and post-comms cascade. They create a brilliant hook from which the whole of the event environment, theming, and key messaging hang.

The Live Events production team devises a bespoke set, stage, and lighting design based on the event theme, bringing in all sorts of creative elements and super-high production values year after year. Making the space feel different each time is a tall order, but one they rise to every time. From breathtaking staging ideas, and amazing light shows to innovative screen displays and perfect audio solutions, they have it covered. And there’s the gala dinner too, with exciting live bands and named DJs, performers, celebrity hosts, spectacular lighting, and special effects creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Not to mention the annual catwalk show which we bring to life with glorious results.

The team is involved from the start of each project, with venue searching, catering, accommodation, and delegate management, so their project management skills extend the length and breadth of the brief.

The Content team make sure every presenter feels supported in pre-production to get their messaging just right, and ensures it’s engaging, interactive and easy to digest. And of course, just as important as getting the messaging right, is nailing the delivery. We work closely with presenters to make sure they are really engaging with their audience, and the feedback proves we’re doing a good job time after time.

Video is one of our favourite elements of the media mix, and it’s one of the Poundland team’s favourite too. From the beautifully emotive, to some of the most hilarious performances we’ve ever witnessed on corporate film, the Poundland team, and the board in particular, are definitely up for some fun. And they pull it off every time. If there was a corporate Oscars, we’d nominate them every year.

Symbiotic Partnership

Our primary goal is always to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses so that we can provide them with the most suitable content and production elements to enhance their internal communications. The long-standing partnership we’ve built with Poundland is a testament to the seamless and effortless nature of our collaboration, as we’re very much aware of their expectations for each event.

Our relationship is based on trust, honest and open communication, and a shared commitment to high standards, which in turn motivates our teams to consistently give their best effort. Poundland’s confidence in our decision-making and their reliance on us during uncertain times proves how much we have become an extension of their internal team throughout the years.

"What a fantastic team M&P is, we value and appreciate all that you bring to our company, our culture and our communications. ​Our conferences have become the iconic event of our year and that's due to the impact M&P has had in transforming the event over the years. Once again, the teams here are buzzing and the words "best ever" echo around the business. Thank you."

Austin Cooke, Managing Director