Under the Skin

The longer we collaborate with our clients, the more we can get under the skin of the business and it’s brands. That deeper knowledge starts to take the influence we can have on the production and content of the client’s events to another level.  This is the case with many of our long term clients, and was the case with motorway services retailer, Moto, as we produced their annual conference in February for the second time.

We began work on the theme #proudtobemoto in advance of the conference, focusing on the key conference message of Being Brilliant. The agenda included a host of fantastic ideas within the leadership framework to encourage brilliant performance, the all

important ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) strategy, and the development of EV (Electric Vehicle) charging technology. To support the communications, we provided full creative and content services to bring their achievements to life through video, graphics and interactive presentations.

Arriving on a cold February morning, delegates were welcomed with hot drinks and small bites on the gallery to fuel up for the day and then welcomed into the main room, where presenters were waiting to share their visions, ambitions, successes and opportunities, and to encourage site teams to implement brilliant behaviours into their working day.

Supporting Services

Presentations tailored to expertly communicate Moto’s key messages in a memorable way, videos edited for engaging content, and interactive polls popping up on the main screen to encourage delegates to interact, all played an important role.

In addition to our Content services, the client also benefitted from our logistics, technical production, and creative expertise. Our Creative team took care of the event identity that perfectly resonated with Moto`s brand style and personality, with designs that illustrated the key attributes of motorway services, and a location pin marker as the main element of the ID.

The fabulous TFS backdrop to the stage, designed as if it had been grabbed from a map, supported the delivery of the presenter’s important key messages. Two 3.5m wide projection screens were installed onto the 15m backdrop to enhance the screen graphics in support of the key messages. Some presenters also used automated autocue to support the delivery of their messages. We coached presenters in rehearsals to ensure the best delivery of autocued presentations.

Celebration & Appreciation

All the best conferences culminate in a glittering awards ceremony and gala dinner. In just 90 minutes, we transformed the room into a spectacular space for the evening, with a fully star-clothed room and new TFS backdrop, to welcome guests back for a black-tie event.

At the start of the evening, delegates were offered welcome drinks on the gallery, and took photos like Hollywood stars on the red carpet against our awards photo background.  After this, they enjoyed a 3-course gala dinner, combined with a glamorous awards ceremony.

The technical team really came into their own, with a fantastic light show and pyrotechnics.

After the dinner and awards finished, guests had the opportunity to let their hair down with a live band and a DJ, and they danced the night away whilst also having fun with a 360° photo booth to capture some great memories of the day.

On behalf of everyone at Moto, I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to M&P for helping us to deliver an awesome conference. Your calmness, energy, enthusiasm, challenge, professionalism and expertise were all first-class, and you also managed to retain a sense of fun throughout. You are all simply awesome at what you do and should be hugely proud of yourselves for smashing our event out of the park.

Louise Hughes, People Director at Moto