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Hotel Chocolat typically introduced new products to a select group of press contacts at small and exclusive launch events in London venues. However, more recently the team has acknowledged the benefits of creating video content as a way to amplify its audience reach.

Our creative content team collaborates closely with both the Hotel Chocolat PR comms and event teams recording the story from bean to bar. Everything from ethical farming in St Lucia and Ghana to interviews with key stakeholders is crafted into engaging shareable stories, new product launches, and business news updates for virtual events.

The brand’s VIP.me subscribers are now invited behind the scenes of the Inventing Room where the magic happens to meet the real chocolatiers creating new products and flavours. Viewers get to hear direct from business owner, Angus Thirlwell on the highs and lows of the Hotel Chocolat journey as they continue to innovate, developing sustainable farming programmes to benefit local communities. New global city store openings are announced with insights into the cultural differences in our palates and flavour preferences.

These virtual events feel just as exclusive as the live experiences, often accompanied by a luxury box of Hotel Chocolat treats to be enjoyed while watching the lively and insightful show.