Our client & agency story

Trust, understanding & collaboration


Our relationship with Dunelm spans 15 years and there is much truth in the statement ‘Moving Forward Together’, one of many campaign identities we created for the brand.

Throughout this time, we have collaborated with Dunelm in developing their internal communications and our relationship feels more like a partnership.

We work closely together every step of the way in delivering creative and engaging campaigns via live experiences, hybrid, and virtual events, creative design, video production, motion graphics, and animation.

The brand’s internal communications strategy has significantly changed over the years and as a trusted partner, M&P has adapted with it. We continually create new and interesting ways to bring the strategy to life on stage at a live event and through creative content supporting key messages and brand values.  We have delivered arena-size conferences with stunning décor and theming for 500+ delegates to intimate and emotive personal video stories.

We work hard to show the authenticity of the brand through its best assets – its people.


Joined up thinking

We understand the effect strong internal comms can have on teams, deepening the connection between colleagues and the brand, so Dunelm involves us at the very early planning stage. M&P helps shape the campaign direction, working with the executive team on messaging and presentation style to deliver maximum impact.

Considering the brand guides and tone of voice, we first craft an identity to ensure consistency across all audience touchpoints.

Then we review the content with individual presenters to guarantee engagement with an interesting mix of media. For live events, we bring it all together with clever set and stage design, transforming the space and transporting colleagues to another place.

It’s this connected approach that resonates with Dunelm and we pepper the process with surprising elements that dazzle and delight to make for a totally unforgettable experience. Together we create magic and kickstart conversations between colleagues about the event long after it’s over.     

Dunelm trusts us because we have shared values, we act like owners of our brands, we’re knowledgeable, always listening and learning together, we’re strategic in our forward-thinking, creative, and passionate, and on top of all that we make the process fun!  

What's Your Story?

  1. Stories are forged by experience

    To know someone is to know their story & their experiences

  2. Stories inspire

    Leaders can connect with their teams by sharing personal stories

  3. Stories create trust

    A safe place where others can share their own story

  4. Storytelling promotes confidence

    Colleagues can speak out or speak up as their authentic self

“Thank you for partnering with us, your support is invaluable, and I always look forward to seeing how we can top it every year!!!”

Andrew Hamilton, Stores Experience Director at Dunelm